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This moth as a film director I am checking the rendering process for a 360 virtual reality environment but we can talk about creating a full interactive film to satisfy your own need.

Biography: Film Director | Latest full lenght Film: JOYFLUID | Excecutive producer and investor of many other film and television adventures | VR entrepreneur | Working for the Global Entertainment and Media Industry.| Full Name: Alejandro Rodriguez Huerta | Born: January 14th | Height: 1.81 meters | College: Anahuac University (North) | Specialization and other studies: Semiotics, Film Studies, Photography, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Intellectual property.

Review: After initiating his career as an award-winning commercial and music video director and producer, Alejandro Rodriguez Huerta has rapidly emanated as one of Latin America´s most courageous, audacious and prominent 3D FILM producers. He clearly identifies his visual style with bold sequences that are assertive and have become Rodriguez Huerta´s cinematic signature, his works have produced more than 2.2 billions in Youtube Views around the globe for his advertising and media clients. Having found his real passion in stereoscopic films S3D, he has now established and is expected to be one of the industry´s elite and best CGI filmmakers with his JOYFLUID™ movie.

About Alejandro Rodriguez Huerta Production Studio and International Collaboration Network, we can say that it is one of the most cutting-edge production firm in Latin America today and it grows constantly. Ten years back in time, this project commenced when Rodriguez Huerta realized that his dharma in life is to create CGI stereoscopic fiction with a responsible message towards society right by the purpose of making all peolpe take into consideration various social themes, currently Rodriguez Huerta is filming JOYFLUID™: The Last Kill.(NY,REUTERS)